Tuning ABAP with Hardware mechanics #sitHVR

This year I had the privilege to addend the SAP Inside Track in Hannover as a speaker. This post links to my presentation and my demos.

SAP Inside Track Hannover 2018 Wiki

Looking forward to the abap code retreat on April 14th in Hannover!

Power Point: Tuning ABAP with hardware mechanics

Demos for Presentation

Demo 1 – Everything fine – initial example

runtime: 48.185 Microseconds


Demo 2 – Adding of additional structure component causes performance degredation

runtime: 146.787 Microseconds

Demo 3 – Outsourcing the new component behind a reference using boxed -> back to initial performance

runtime: 48.319 Microseconds


Demo 4 – Religious approach, everything has to be reference

runtime: 390.354 Microseconds



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